“I’d Like To Shoot Par Golf Regularly.”

While playing golf, the man finds a corked bottle on the green. Upon opening it, a genie appears and grants the fellow one wish. After thinking about it for a while, the man says, “I’d like to shoot par golf regularly.”

“No problem,” says the genie, “But understand that your sex life will be greatly reduced as a side effect.”

I can handle that,” the man says, and POOF, the deed is done. Several months later, the genie reappears on the same golf hole and asks the man how his golf game is doing.

“Fantastic!” says the man, “I’m now carrying a scratch handicap.” “And what effect has it had on your sex life?” the genie inquires. “I still manage to have relations 2-3 times a month,” the fellow answers calmly.

“2-3 times a month,” the genie says, “That’s not much of a sex life.”

“Well,” the fellow responds, “I don’t think it’s too bad for a middle-aged priest with a very small parish.”

Author: Adrian Bacon

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