Kodak ColorPlus 200

created/modified 2020-04-01

Kodak ColorPlus 200 Film Profile/Review

This tech page is for Kodak ColorPlus 200 Film, or KODAK_200-8, which is it’s film code. ColorPlus 200 is a general purpose budget color film based on a mid-1980s Kodacolor VR 200 re-introduced as a budget offer to Gold 200. It was released in 1990 and is available in 35mm roll. This film features medium speed (ISO 200/24° in the standard Kodak C-41 process), fine grain, daylight (5500K) color balance, and medium resolving power. ColorPlus 200 is the least expensive film that Kodak offers and is meant to be a budget version of Kodak’s Gold 200 consumer print film. You can buy it in the United States, though that is not it’s primary market.

Sample Images

Here is a Flickr image album of images taken with KODAK_200-8. It’s updated with new images whenever I shoot KODAK_200-8.


If you choose to support Simple Film Lab and send your film in to us, we develop KODAK_200-8 with Kodak’s Flexicolor line of C-41 processing chemicals. The C-41 process is very standardized, and we monitor our process with Kodak control strips to ensure that the process is within specification to ensure that the film is correctly developed.

Exposure Guidance

C-41 color negative films are pretty standardized, where you have roughly 4 1/3 stops of shadow detail below middle gray and several stops of detail above middle gray, and KODAK_200-8 is no different. It is recommended that you incident meter for the darkest part of the image where you want to retain detail and subtract 2 stops from that, or if you don’t have an incident meter, place your exposure compensation to +1, or manually set the ISO of your camera to ISO 100 and that will result in totally usable negatives. ColorPlus 200 has enough over-exposure headroom to handle 2-3 stops of over exposure before things get nutty.

Dynamic Range/Exposure Latitude

KODAK_200-8 has totally acceptable dynamic range and is on par with most other C-41 films in terms of shadow detail and highlight detail, which is to be expected given that it is a C-41 film, and C-41 contrast and dynamic range are pretty standardized.


KODAK_200-8 has OK resolution and fairly fine grain. I wouldn’t consider it to be particularly sharp, or particularly high resolution, but it’s totally serviceable. It’s grain is also not anything to write home about. It’s visible, but pretty middle of the road.

Buy Kodak ColorPlus 200 Film

You can also purchase ColorPlus 200 Film from us if you choose to support us via either our Amazon store front, or via our Ebay. We generally have it in stock, however if it isn’t in stock when you look, just check back a couple of days later or contact us for more information.