Kodak Ektar 100

created/modified 2018-06-17

Kodak Ektar 100 Film Profile/Review

This tech page is for Kodak Ektar 100 Film, or EKTAR_100, which is it’s film code. Ektar 100 is a professional fine grain film with ultra-vivid colors for nature, travel & fashion photography. It was released in 2008 and is available in 35mm roll, 120 roll, and 4×5 sheet formats. This film features medium speed (ISO 100/21° in the standard Kodak C-41 process), very fine grain, daylight (5500K) color balance, and fine resolving power. Ektar 100 has ultra-vivid color and saturation relative to their Portra line and is ideal for landscapes, fashion, and product photography.


If you send your film in to us here at Simple Film Lab, we develop EKTAR_100 with Kodak’s Flexicolor line of C-41 processing chemicals. The C-41 process is very standardized, and we monitor our process with Kodak control strips to ensure that the process is within specification to ensure that the film is correctly developed.

Exposure Guidance

C-41 color negative films are pretty standardized, where you have roughly 4 1/3 stops of shadow detail below middle gray and several stops of detail above middle gray, and EKTAR_100 is no different. It is recommended that you incident meter for the darkest part of the image where you want to retain detail and subtract 2 stops from that, or if you don’t have an incident meter, place your exposure compensation to +1, or manually set the ISO of your camera to ISO 50 and that will result in totally usable negatives. EKTAR_100 has enough over-exposure headroom to handle 3-4 stops over exposure.

Dynamic Range/Exposure Latitude

EKTAR_100 has excellent dynamic range and can easily be the film that most other C-41 films are compared to in terms of shadow detail and highlight detail.


EKTAR_100 has excellent resolution and very fine grain. It’s grain is nearly unnoticeable in 135 format, and invisible in the larger formats. The better your lens is, the better it will look.

Sample Images

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Here is a Flickr image album of images taken with EKTAR_100. It’s updated with new images whenever I shoot EKTAR_100.

Downloadable Sample DNG Files

As part of this tech sheet/film review I’m making a ZIP file available that contains some Adobe DNG files that are a sample of what you would receive if you sent your film into Simple Film Lab to process and scan. It’s relatively large, but if you want to see what you can get, worth a look. Click Here

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