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The studio and film lab is physically located at:

191 Lynch Creek Way
Suite 102B
Petaluma, CA. 94954

It is an operational film lab and portrait studio and is not a retail store front, so is not generally open to general public walk-in traffic, so please contact me first before stopping by. I don’t want to discourage people from visiting, but at the same time, the last thing anybody wants is random people showing up in the middle of a portrait session. The lab area is off limits unless you’ve rented the lab for a period of time to process your own film or make your own prints or you’re accompanied by me. You’ll also need to go through a lab safety orientation with me first. The reason for this is simple: Film gets processed in the lab. Film processing chemicals are in the lab. Film sent in from customers is in the lab. For the privacy and security of my customers and my business and for your own safety, I cannot let anybody in there unless they have business there.

Please mail all film and materials to our mailing address:

Simple Photography Services
1390 N. McDowell Blvd.
Ste. G, PMB274
Petaluma, CA. 94954

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The most direct way to contact me is via email or phone. My public email address is and my business phone is 707-776-6150. My cell phone is 602-743-4919.

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