Simple Film Lab

The Film Lab I would want as a customer. Coming in 2017! Keep watching this space. See this blog post for more information.

The Current Plan

First quarter of 2017: start accepting processing orders for Kodak Ektar 100 Film in 120 roll and 35mm format, then throughout the year, add additional films/formats as demanded.


Projected Pricing: $20 a roll (120 and 35mm), 4×5 sheet film TBD. Shipping is separate.


The standard deliverable will be 16 bit per sample (48 bit) TIFF files in the ProPhoto RGB color space at approximately 4800 pixels on the short edge. This will work out to about 7200×4800 for 2:3 aspect ratio images (35mm and 6×9 120 film), 4800×4800 for 6×6 120 film, 5600×4800 pixels for 6×7 120 Film, and 6400×4800 for 6×8 120 film, again, all approximate sizes.

The custom scan option will basically be reserved for specific images where very large sizes are required. The same color workflow will be used, but the output resolution will be larger than 7200×4800. The pricing will be determined based on how much work is involved.

Keep checking back for sample images.