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Studio visits by appointment only.

I run things a little differently than most photographers. Instead of having sitting fees, and photo packages, I make images available to you, the client, to purchase on a per image basis. You can buy as many or as few images as you like. If you don’t like any of the images we’ve taken together, then you are not required to purchase any of them. I can (and regularly do) do natural light photography, however, what I specialize in is in-studio flash photography. I have a full compliment of lighting gear at my disposal and love to use that gear to make stunning images that make you pause and look at it to try to figure how it was made. Those harsh looking flash photos? Not what I do. Those studio photos that have light and shadows and smooth tones and color all over the place? That’s what I live for.

Stuff like this (click for a larger version): Like Father Like Sons (Shot on Film)

The image above is black on black on black and shot with a medium format film camera on black and white film in my studio. It obviously is not natural light. It’s this kind of photography that really gets me going.

I offer 2 primary services:

  1. Digital Images Service.
  2. Commissioned Image Service.

Details are below.

How It Works

First, you start by contacting me. We’ll have one or more conversations about what you’d like to get in terms of imagery and poses. This will vary depending on the type of pictures you need. If you just need a head shot, or family pictures, or some lifestyle pictures, or maybe some images that you want to use as an online profile picture, this will generally consist of just one initial conversation and then a brief review at the beginning of the shoot. If you want me to shoot your wedding, or want to use the Commissioned Image Service, this tends to be a bit more involved and will usually consist of quite a bit of conversation and planning leading up to the shoot. We’ll also talk about roughly how many images you’ll be looking at potentially purchasing. I generally like to present at least twice as many photos as what you’re looking to purchase so you have some choice available to you.

Once we’ve nailed down what we’re going to shoot, we’ll make an appointment for the actual photo shoot. At the time of the shoot, we’ll take care of the paperwork (signing the pricing agreement and model release for all un-purchased pictures, etc). Once that is out of the way, we do the photo shoot. After the shoot, I’ll do a quick walk through of the images and filter out the best ones. Once I’ve gotten it narrowed down to the best images, we’ll sit down together and go through them where you’ll pick out which images you’d like to purchase.

If there are any corrections that you’d like to have made, you can request those changes at that time. Once you’ve selected which images you’d like to purchase, you pay for them. I’ll go and do the basic corrections and any requested changes and put them on a new thumb drive. Once the images are ready, you can either come pick the thumb drive up, or I’ll mail it to you via insured USPS. It’s simple and easy.

I also generally keep a backup of your purchased images for a period of time so if you lose the thumb drive or it gets damaged, you can get another copy.

For smaller shoots (portraits, lifestyle, etc.), you should plan 3-4 hours for the shoot and image review afterwards. The digital images service is always shot digitally so the actual shoot is usually 2 hours or less, I’ll need about half an hour to get the best images ready for review, and then it’ll usually take another 30-60 minutes for us to sit and review the best images and pick which ones you want to purchase. If you’re pressed for time, you can always schedule the review for a later time or date. Once you’ve made your purchase, I’ll need a few business days turnaround time to tune up the images and make any requested corrections. For bigger shoots (i.e. weddings, events, etc.) I’ll be on site for as long as I need to be in order to get the images you want. These types of shoots generally generate a lot more images. A typical wedding or event usually consists of me capturing 1500+ images, of which that will usually get narrowed down to 150-300 keepers (sometimes more, sometimes less) that you’ll review for purchase. We’ll generally set up a 3-4 hour review session within a 30 day period after the event as part of scheduling the photo shoot, and I’ll have the best images ready with basic corrections in time for the review. Once you’ve reviewed the images and decided on which ones to purchase, I’ll need at least 2-3 business days turnaround time to make any requested corrections (this will vary based on the amount of corrections).

Digital Images Service

The Digital Images Service is great for basic general purpose photography that can be used online or for moderately sized prints. Whether you want a basic portrait or head shot, want some lifestyle photos, family pictures, passport photos, online profile photos, school graduation photos, or special event photos, or even want something like architectural, product, or editorial photos, the price is the same and you can use these photos online or take them to a printer and make prints of them. I do reserve the right to decline jobs, and I do realize that there are some types of images that I simply cannot get without incurring more expense than what I would ever be able to recover using this pricing model, so, in those instances, I hope that you’ll understand if I either decline the job, or point you to the Commissioned Image Service. With that being said, I’ve found that as long as I can shoot in my studio or shoot locally in the northern California bay area, this pricing model works pretty well for the digital images service.

What You Get

If you go this route, then you’ll receive a new thumb drive of the images that you’ve purchased in jpeg form with enough resolution to use online or to make up to 8×10 prints at 300 dpi. If you want printed pictures larger than 8×10, then I strongly recommend that you use the Commissioned Image Service simply because larger prints generally need more resolution, and you can start to get into some nicer premium papers and mounting/framing options. All images that I deliver have had basic retouching, exposure, and color correction applied to them. I can and do take requests for basic changes to the image at the time that you select which images you’d like to purchase, and depending on the type of change, these additional changes are typically done free of charge. I generally get it pretty close to what you want in camera though, so usually, most changes are really basic if they’re needed at all.

Pricing (updated 2018)

  • 1-12 pictures, $35 per picture
  • 13-36 pictures, $30 per picture
  • 37-72 pictures, $25 per picture
  • 73-99 pictures, $20 per picture
  • 100+ pictures, $15 per picture

The more pictures you buy, the better price you get. Simple and straight-forward.

Commissioned Image Service

The Commissioned Image Service is great for making Family Heirloom Portraits, custom photo albums, art that is meant to be displayed, oil paintings, or any other physical premium output. This service is geared towards lower volume, premium, higher end custom work and encompasses a very wide output and price scale. I generally do not shoot commissioned images digitally unless the output is smaller than 16×20, or a client just loves one of the photos from the digital images service and wants to have a larger than 8×10 print, otherwise, all the images shot for commissioned images are shot on medium format or large format film and usually finished digitally (except the oil paintings, those are done by hand by a very skilled oil painter). Because the Commissioned Image Service tends to be custom premium work and I put a large amount of time into it along with the equipment used, the pricing per image naturally varies a lot, and because it is custom, the payment model differs from the Digital Images Service. Once the image you want is commissioned and the price is finalized and all the paperwork and contractual items are signed, payment of 50% is due with the remaining 50% due upon delivery of the contracted output.

What You Get

If you go this route, you get what you commissioned. 🙂 Actually, there’s so much more to it than that. These types of jobs tend to have a myriad of variables and my job is less about the end product and more about guiding you through a smooth experience towards getting you the end product that you want.

Actually taking the picture or pictures that will be used for the output is only a small part of the process. When you get to actually getting the output, things can get complicated really fast with what type of print is it, paper selection, type of finish, mounting type, etc. My job is to get that distilled down into something that is relevant to what you want so that you can make a meaningful decision.

Types of Commissioned Images

  • Larger than 8×10 print of digital images service (maximum of 16×24 size)
  • Collage photo prints
  • Metal prints
  • Canvas prints
  • Acrylic prints
  • Custom photo books
  • Oil paintings


Below is a basic typical price list for commonly requested outputs. The price may vary depending on a variety of factors and is meant to give you a ballpark idea of what to expect. If you want something you don’t see, please contact me and we’ll work together to get a price for what you want. If you want a larger print of a Digital Image Service photo that we’ve taken together, the digital price (in the Digital Images Service section) of that photo is waived and instead you pay the print price for that picture.

Prints on paper (no mounting or framing)

  • Up to 11×14 – $50 per print
  • Up to 16×24 – $100 per print
  • Up to 24×36 – $200 per print

Collage photo prints (no mounting or framing, includes taking the pictures for the collage)

  • Up to 11×14 (6-10 images) – $400
  • Up to 16×24 (10-15 images) – $600
  • Up to 24×36 (15+ images) – $800

Metal Prints (no mounting or framing)

  • Up to 11×14 – $150 per print
  • Up to 16×24 – $300 per print
  • Up to 24×36 – $600 per print
  • Up to 30×40 – $800 per print

Canvas Prints (no mounting or framing)

  • Up to 11×14 – $100 per print
  • Up to 16×24 – $200 per print
  • Up to 24×36 – $400 per print

Acrylic Prints (no mounting or framing)

  • Up to 11×14 – $150 per print
  • Up to 16×24 – $300 per print
  • Up to 24×36 – $600 per print

Oil Paintings (no mounting or framing)

Photo Books