Photo Scanning and Copy Work

Photo Scanning

Do you have a shoebox of old photos that you want to have scanned? Maybe a cherished family photo got damaged and needs restoration? We can help! No matter how big or how small of a job, we can get your photos digitized and either print new copies, make enlargements, perform image restoration, or do any number of things. Contact us for more information. Pricing is variable depending on the size of the job and what is required.

Copy Work

Professional high resolution digital captures shot in our 100% light controlled photo studio.

The digital file is color and density corrected to the original and delivered as either a 16 bit TIFF file or as an Adobe Digital Negative file.

We can capture originals as large as 48×72 inches and macro captures as small as a postage stamp.

Service turnaround time is 3-5 days.


  • Standard 6000×4000 pixel capture: $50 per item
  • Super Sampled 9000×6000 pixel capture: $100 per item
  • Custom Capture: Have something unique or a special project? Contact us!


Please become familiar with U.S. Federal copyright law as it applies to reproduction of photographs, illustrations, and other artwork. By submitting work to Simple Photography Services you agree to release and hold harmless Simple Photography Services for any claims, actions, or liability resulting from our reproduction of any materials you supply to us for any purpose.