Portrait and Headshot Photography


Portrait Headshot Session Booking

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Types of portraits offered

  • Headshots for Social Media
  • Graduation/School Portraits
  • Business Portraits
  • Kids/Milestone Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Glamour Portraits

Give us a call! We can help you get the image you want.

There is no sitting fee and all images are sold individually. You can purchase as many or as few images as you like, including no images. Each image includes a jpg and up to an 11×14 inch standard print. If you have picture frames you want to fill, feel free to bring them along to your session and we can shoot and print specifically for your frames. The resolution of the jpeg is high enough to allow a 300 dpi print up to 11×14 inches with no image scaling. It’s more than enough resolution for online sharing and enough resolution for a very high quality print.

All of our printing is handled in-house with a 12 color archival pigment printer, so you can walk out of your portrait session with your prints in hand.

All images include basic retouching like removal of impermanent blemishes, stray hair removal, dust fleck on clothing removal, etc.

Pricing (as of 01-01-2018)

  • 1 image – $99
  • 2 images – $179
  • 3 images – $239
  • 4 images – $279
  • 5 images – $295
  • Additional unique images beyond 5 images – $49 each
  • Additional copies of selected unique images are priced at our standard print services pricing located here.

Product Photography

Kodak TMAX P3200 Product

Do you have an Amazon or Ebay storefront and you need good high quality images of your products? Pricing will vary based on the type, size, and volume of your products, so give us a call and start that conversation. We’ll work with you to get an affordable solution that is beneficial to all parties involved.

Portrait Studio Rental

Are you a photographer and need a studio space to shoot? You can rent our space. It is a fully functional portrait studio and comes with a selection of backdrops, studio strobes, light modifiers, and lighting gels.

The studio shooting space itself is approximately 15×20 feet and has a separate dedicated changing room. The flooring is a neutral gray, and 3 of the walls are black for the ultimate in light control. The ceiling is white and the fourth wall is painted a bright white so you can use it as a giant fill source.

As the facilities renter, you will need to show government issued photo identification, and either proof of general business liability insurance, or one day special event insurance beforehand along with a copy that we can keep in our records in the event that something happens. We’re a real stickler about this. It’s better to be safe and covered than sorry.


  • 4 hours – $49
  • 8 hours (full day) – $99
  • 2 days – $179
  • each additional day past 2 days – $79