Darkroom Rental

Simple Photography Services
191 Lynch Creek Way, #102B
Petaluma, CA. 94954

Are you a North Bay Area photographer or photography student and need access to a darkroom? You can rent ours! We service Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties as well as the greater Bay Area.

Our darkroom is fully equipped with equipment and chemistry for processing C-41, E-6, and Black and White film, for making Black and White darkroom prints, as well as for scanning film and making digital prints. If you have 35mm, 120 roll, or sheet film up to 8×10, we can process it. We can handle enlarging up to 4×5 film up to 16×20 prints.

This is a real film lab that processes customer film mailed in to us, and we’re willing to grant scheduled access to the local community at reasonable rates.


The Darkroom is made available in 1 hour blocks of time for $20 per block.  Multiple sequential hours get a discount. It includes usage of the equipment and technical support from me, but does not include consumables like film/paper developer, or paper for making prints. You can either bring your own chemistry and/or paper, or you can pay towards the consumables that you use. How much that costs depends on what you use, and how much you use.

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Chemistry/Supplies Kept in Stock

Black and White


  • D-76
  • X-Tol
  • HC-110
  • Rodinal


  • Kodak Fixer
  • Ilford Rapid Fixer


  • Ilford Selenium Toner


  • Ilford Multigrade RC Pearl
  • Ilford Multigrade Fiber Glossy


C-41 Print Film:

  • Kodak Flexicolor C-41 Chemistry

E-6 Reversal Film:

  • Tetanal E-6 Chemistry
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