Video Editing

Whether you need somebody to edit video for your online video channel like Youtube, or Vimeo, or if you need family home video footage edited down to a highlights reel, or, maybe you have a short film or music video you need edited, or maybe you’re a business and need a training video or promo video, we can help you.

We are very long time Adobe Creative Suite users and have hosted and produced several online podcasts and video casts for the past 10-15 years, and are very experienced in getting media assembled and down to a cut. We always have the latest versions of Adobe products and have enough processing firepower to handle pretty much any format.


For video projects that have short amounts of source footage, we bill a fixed rate in place of our usual hourly rate. The fixed rate includes the same workflow and deliverables as the hourly rate, but takes into account the fact that no matter how short the source footage is, there is always a minimum amount of time overhead in handling the video project. This does not include music videos which tend to be very edit heavy, those are billed at the longer video project hourly rate.

Pricing is very simple and straight forward: For short projects, the fixed rate below is applied. For longer or more complex projects, depending on the type of video or source footage length, a multiplier is applied to how many minutes of source footage you have, and this is the billed base cost for your project. If you need us to find and source assets like music, sound effects, background plates, images, etc., that is billed at an hourly rate separately from the base cost.

Short Video Projects

  • $99.00 – Source material less than 5 minutes
  • $199.00 – Source material less than 10 minutes, but 5 or more minutes

Longer or More Complex Video Projects

For longer video projects, or video projects that are more complex, the hourly rate is $65 per hour billed in full hour increments, partial hours are rounded up to the next full hour.

What Is Included

The base cost includes initial video ingest and review, sequence and asset assembly, and based on the information you provide up front, an initial cut and basic color grade. A low resolution proof render is then generated and provided for you to review. Based on your review and feedback notes for what you want changed, modifications are made to the cut and color grade, and a final cut is rendered in the target resolutions and bitrates that you specify.

If you want any more modifications or cuts made beyond the initial and final cut provided in the base cost, those are billed at the hourly rate on top of the base cost.

Video Type Multipliers

Below are the multipliers used to calculate the base cost of a project.

  • Music video: 35:1, no matter the source length
  • Source length 10-15 minutes: 25:1
  • Source length 16-30 minutes: 20:1
  • Source length 31-60 minutes: 15:1
  • Source length 60+ minutes: 10:1


  1. You have 6 minutes of footage you shot for a music video that you need cut down to a 2.5 minute song. 6×35=210 minutes, or 3.5 hours, which is rounded up to 4 hours for a base cost of $260.

  2. You have 30 minutes of home footage that you want edited down to a 10 minute highlight reel. 30×20=600 minutes or 10 hours. Your base cost is $650.

  3. You have a youtube channel and you shoot about 20 minutes of source footage for a 15 minute show. 20×20=400 minutes or 6.6 hours. That will be rounded up to 7 hours for a base cost of $455.

  4. You have 2 hours of source footage for a short film that you shot that you need cut down to 15 minutes. 120×10=1200 minutes or 20 hours. Your base cost is $1300.

  5. You have 30 minutes of audio narration for a training video plus 20 minutes of raw screen captures and a collection of stills that you need to have assembled and cut into a finished 15 minute training video for your business. (30+20)x15=750 minutes, rounded up to 13 hours. Your base cost is $845.

Getting Started

Getting started is very easy and straight forward.

Step 1, Register With Us

If you haven’t already done so, go to the account page and register with us.

Step 2, Prepare Your Material

  1. Get your footage, audio, and assets collected together into a project directory. You can make a directory hierarchy if it makes it easier to keep your material organized.
  2. Make a basic text file that contains your notes and as much information as possible to assist us in assembling a cut.
  3. Place the text file in the project directory root and name it notes.txt
  4. Create a zip file or tarball of the project directory, name it with your username_project_name as the file name. The username is your username that you registered with us on the account page, the project name is whatever you want it to be.

Step 3, Upload Your Material

Go to our Clients Upload Page and upload your material. There are a variety of methods that you can upload via. If you have a preference that we don’t have listed, please let us know via the Contact Us page and we’ll work out how to get your footage to us.

Step 4, Pay For Your Project

Add the relevant items below to your cart, then in your shopping cart, for longer video projects, increase the item count to reflect the number of hours for your base cost and check out, otherwise, for shorter video projects, just check out.