About Adrian


I am (and always have been) super passionate about photography. It’s my secondary career, and something that I really love. I’ve honed my skills over the years to make awesome photos like this:

Like Father Like Sons (Shot on Film)

and this:

Dinner for Two

and this:

Macro Rose

I also get out of the studio and shoot stuff like this:

Bee in Flight

and this:

Cloudy Sky

and this:

Purple Dahlia Pinnata

I can be contracted for a variety of photography projects. I’d like to say that I’m good at everything, but, my real strengths are Still Life and Product photography. I have a full studio with studio lights and can shoot most reasonably sized projects either digitally, or in medium and large format film.

Film formats I shoot are 120 film in 6×6, 6×7, and 6×9 in medium format, and 4×5 film in large format. As part of Simple Film Lab operations, I process and scan all film on site at my studio.

If you have a visual concept or an idea that you would like to have realized, or if you need some images, then lets talk! I love this stuff and would love to help you realize a stunning image.

I do license a fair amount of my images that weren’t created as work for hire, so if you see something you like that I’ve shot, there’s a pretty good chance that you can buy it.


Video is a more recent thing for me. I love to shoot video, but it takes a tremendous amount of storage space and processing power to do really well. I love to shoot time lapses and make very high resolution videos that can be licensed.

If you have a video project that you want to contract my services for, let’s talk. I have equipment that can shoot HD and 4K.

If you’d like to see some footage that I’ve shot, you can check out my Youtube.


My current primary profession is that of a computer programmer, which is something I’ve done for about 20 years (plus or minus a few). Lately, most of my work has been in Ruby or C++, however, I’ve also done a fair amount of code in Java, PHP, C, and C#. Conceptually, they’re all about the same, the only real differences are syntax and what’s included out of the box library-wise. I like good software architecture, clean, simple, and easy to read code that is maintainable.

That is the standard that I aspire to when working.

I tend to work for whoever pays me the most (a cold hard reality of having a life and family), so if there’s some code you want me to work on, let’s talk, though with that being said, I’m also passionate about open source software and have no problem donating spare time to worthy causes.

If you’d like to see some of my code, check out my Github.


I love jokes. You’ll see them posted here on the site if I see one that I think is awesome. It’s just what I do.

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