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I am (and always have been) super passionate about photography. It’s something that I really love. When I was a small child, I shot a lot of 110 film. Over time, I graduated from 110 to other formats and jumped head first into digital photography when it started out.

As an adult, I’ve actually had a couple of different careers, but have always carried a camera around with me. Over time, after seeing the types of images I create, lots of people have told me that I should go full time into being a photographer because I’m really good at it. I’ve always hem and hawed over it, not sure if that’s something I really wanted to do.

You know that saying: If you’re going to do something for a living, you should do what you love.

Well, it took some time for me to figure that out, but here we are.

As your photographer, I can tell you that gear helps, but it’s not completely all about the gear. It’s about attention to detail and a willingness to put in hard work to make a compelling image. It’s about being present with your subject and working with them to capture that decisive moment.

That is what I love and what I’m about.