Event Photography

Update for 2022

I am no longer booking weddings, but am currently booking all other types of events, so if you have a corporate event, a party, etc. and you’d like to have a professional photographer document your event, give me a call at 707-776-6150, or use the contact page to inquire about my availability.


Event Photography is priced very simply. Event coverage is billed at a rate of $250 per event hour with a minimum of 4 hours. You have the option of requesting that I bring a second shooter to your event, if the type of event is best served by that. A second shooter adds an additional $125 per event hour. If you want me to shoot an event outside of Sonoma County, there is an additional surcharge that will vary depending on where the event is. Please contact me for details.

What You Get

Every event is different, however, there are some general themes: On average, you’ll receive 20-30 lightly edited proof photos per event hour in an online proofing service that you and friends/family can browse, pick favorites for optional further retouching and order prints etc. Some types of events generate more photos, some events generate less, however a good rule of thumb is an average of 20-30 proof photos per event hour. I generally shoot quite a bit more than that, but filter out the obvious duds, and the repetitive photos to get it down to a good collection of the best shots.

I’m a firm believer that most clients would rather receive a smaller collection of curated much higher quality proofs than a giant raw dump of all the photos taken for them to run through, so even though my raw total shot count for a 4 hour event may be upwards of 800-1000 shots, I’m not doing anybody any favors by making every shot taken available as a proof. There’s much more value to the client in taking that raw shot count and paring it down to just the best shots.

The Process

The process for getting your event photographed is pretty straight forward:

You can either call me during normal business hours at 707-776-6150 and enquire about my availability, or send me an email at adrian.bacon@gmail.com.

Once we have a time slot on the books, I’ll draw up a contract that has all the terms and send it to you for review. Once we have an agreement on the terms, 50% of your estimated cost is due. The other 50% is due no later than 48 hours ahead of the event.

Cancellation Policy

Once we hit the 48 hour mark before the event, if you wish to cancel or reschedule to a different day, it will cost you 50% of my estimated fee. I can generally handle a 1-2 hour schedule shift on the same day, but much more than that can be a challenge if during a busy time.

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